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KeyboardData is the integral part of any mailing whether the article is a statement for an International Banking Organisation or a Direct Marketing Campaign for a small retail outlet the conclusion is the same – the mail won’t be received unless the data (address details) is correct.  Median have several services which can help with ensuring that the highest possible percentage of mail is received by the contacts in your database

Median stacks of paperMedian specialises in high volume “merging” of data with text and graphics in various forms and documents. It is through the utilisation of data and design software that Median is able to create documents of various page sizes for individual data records as one print run to maximise efficiency of mail processing saving our clients precious time and money. Data preparation services include:

  • High Volume Mail Merge and document design
  • DPID Barcode assigning (Australia Post letter barcode) 
  • Database De-duplication
  • Australia Post correct addressing
  • Data Cleansing
  • Database design and reporting
  • Data warehousing and management
  • Online document Archive and remote retrieval


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