Median Technologies

Folding and Finishing Services

Stahl FolderMost mailing projects incorporate a component of document folding as part of the production process.  Median maintains a variety of efficient and accurate folding equipment capable of most folding needs including; roll folds, cross fold, "z" fold and more complex multi-stage folding.  

Desk top foldersThrough necessity this equipment needs to cater for a wide range of folding types required by our customers including pre-stapled material, integrated cards and thick and glossy stocks.  Folding can be achieved generally from A2 size (420mm x 594mm) to about A6 size (105mm x 148.5mm).

Did you know that a piece of paper, regardless of its originating size can only be folded a maximum of 7 times?  Try It. 

Pitney folder inputMedian also has an bindery capability for the production of spiral bound documents and saddle stitched booklet (when laser printed).  Hole drilling and presentation folder assembly is also a common request from educational and government clients.   


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