Median Technologies

Median Mail Insertion - low to high volume


Pitney BowesMedian offers the most advanced high-speed inserting systems available. Processing the most complex direct mail campaigns productively by utilising Pitney-Bowes along with Bell & Howell equipment this provides industry proven flexibility and reliability.  Our systems offer both intelligent and non-intelligent mail piece insertion with advanced Programmable Logic enabling variable page document insertion by reading barcodes pre-printed onto the documents being inserted into DL to C5 size envelopes. 

Pitney Inserter from rightMail pieces such as catalogues, Annual reports and magazines are also inserted into plastic or C4 size envelopes with a combination of various inserts for each recipient with ease. 

For example:

  • Direct mail fulfilment pieces such as Personalised letters, Brochures, flyers and catalogues

  • Daily/weekly/as required product Information fulfillment
  • Shareholder Communication Mailings such as Prospectuses, Reports and Company correspondence
  • InserterDonation Appeal Mailings
  • Statement and Invoice Mailings
  • Unaddressed Mail
  • Magazine Mailings
  • Newsletter Mailings


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