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Australia Post are introducing a second delivery timetable for business letter products.

On 2 June 2014 a second delivery timetable
will be introduced for Imprint mail, Metered mail,
Clean mail and Local Country letters.

This second delivery timetable is already available
for PreSort letters and Charity mail. This timetable
will be named the ‘Regular’ timetable from 2 June 2014.
The current delivery timetable (which provides
next day delivery within the same city or town)
will continue to be available but will be renamed
the ‘Priority’ timetable.

Letters sent using the ‘Regular’ timetable will cost
less than the ‘Priority’ delivery timetable and will
take one to two business days more than those
sent by ‘Priority’.

Offering two delivery timetables – ‘Priority’ and
‘Regular’ – for more products provides increased
choice and allows you to pay for the delivery
speed that best suits your need.

Depending on the delivery timetable you choose,
how you prepare and present your mail (particularly
envelopes) may need to change from 2 June 2014.

Below is a link to the complete details and how this
may affect your mailings process by Median. Please
contact Colin Clancy to clarify any questions you
may have.


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